Jan 20

Finding apps for teens is a bit of a conundrum, as you have to decide on whether these are safe enough, non-violent and promote safe Internet surfing. There are tons of apps out there, and while fun, most are probably not as educational or as safe as you would want them to be. So we went out to test several of the apps out there and came up with 10 that both you and your teen will love.



TUMBLR is adicting, and it can be educational. At least you can get your teen to read other blogs by other teens and maybe even write their own. This promotes both reading and writing skills, but also allows teens to identify with other teens that deal with some of the same issues.

2. Math Bingo

A fun Bingo game that gets your teens to practice their basic math skills. This is an app that is appropriate for younger teens who need more practice with basic math concepts. The multiplication drills, additions and subtractions can keep your teen practicing his/her basic math skills for hours on end.

3. Sound Uncovered

This is a virtual exhibit of sound where a user makes a recording and then learns how his brain interprets it. Fiddle around with the controls until it makes sense and your teen will learn a little science.

4. Presidents Vs. Aliens

Wouldn't you love for your kids to know about past presidents like they know the names of their favorite game characters? Download this app and your teen will be able to name the 27th president as well as who occupied office during the Louisiana purchas. For some reason kids love to fling president's heads at invading aliens. This is a real stress reliever too.

5. MindSnacks

If you can make it to level 5 you probably know a lot of vocabulary in a foreign language. Teens practice quick reflexes but also need to know vocabulary words in the language they choose to learn.

6. Khan Academy

You can always access this academy through a web browser or on YouTube, but when you install the app, you get math, science and history lessons, all placed in fun games and quizzes.


Kids want something cartoon like? BrainPOP can be the answer. This is a free app that allow Tim and Moby, cartoon characters to explain math, science and history through animation.

8. uMentioned

Juicy stories, secrets, thoughts and funny moments shared by students from their own campus. This may not be appropriate for younger teens but might work well with teens that are about 16 to 17.

9. Voxer

This is a walkie-talkie like app that allows users to share short voice notes. This is another app for the tween or younger teenager who still wants to play like a kid. They share the info much like a walkie-talkie. Users can also share images and texts.

10. Instagram

As usual Instagram makes the cut again this year. It is still as popular as ever and kids love to share their photos and news feeds here.

written by mangoorange

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