Jan 22

Going off to college is exciting, it's a change in lifestyle but kids shouldn't forget what the real purpose is, that of studying.

Even so, leading a busy lifestyle, working, doing homework and studying for tests can be very difficult, especially when you're using the old traditional study and note taking methods; that's when life can become just too stressful; so instead of getting an A on that test, you end up failing. To keep this from happening, some of the smartest students use special apps to help them study and keep information fresh in their mind. To find out what these apps are, we conducted a recent interview of students across the nation, and these were the apps most recommended.


  1. Quizlet

A savvy tool that lets you create quizzes from any subject you want to study. It also helps you make flashcards and other study aids for just about any topic. Just creating the quiz and the flashcards helps you retain the information.

  1. Evernote

This is a useful app where you can share notes with friends and colleagues; synchronize documents with other users and other Microsoft documents; highlight certain areas and even turn your notes into a game to help you study.

  1. Google Doc

Google Docs offers an easy way to collaborate between several people. You can make notes and others can add to it, share them or edit. Google Docs are helpful when you do group study work.

  1. Simplemind

You'll never have a problem organizing your notes when you use Simplemind. This organizes your notes by making a spider diagram or mind map of them.

  1. Encore Study Platform

This is an app that lets you make flashcards and quizzes. The act of preparing the materials helps you remember the information, then you can create study games with friends.

  1. Studyblue

Here you can search and find relevant content for the subject you're looking for. You can make your own flashcards with audio and images and create quizzes and designs to review. You can also take self-assessment tests and receive scores.

  1. Margins

An app that lets you take notes from books and then organize them by the book and the page number.

  1. Sheppards Software

This is game software in a variety of subjects including History, Math and English. Game levels differ starting from beginner to advanced.

  1. Sparknotes

This is an app that allows you to refresh the idea of global warming test. It provides a plot summary, analysis of key points, character descriptions and even a few quotes. It's like the old Cliffnotes books.

  1. Dropbox

This app allows you to place assignments and documents all in one central location so everyone can access it. Collaborative members can edit, add information, notes, images and more to a Dropbox folder.

The use of some or all of these tools can make studying less stressful and more efficient. Don't forego these tools. While,it may seem like you're losing time by taking these notes, just the act of writing down helps keep the information fresh in your mind.

written by mangoorange

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