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Jul 10

Apple Web Hosting

Several months ago I wrote an article about web hosting companies that are compatible with Apple’s.. (Aka.. Apple Web Hosting) and recently when watching my stats I have noticed a major increase in traffic to this article due to the fact that Apple is closing their MobileMe service and many individuals are scrambling to find a great host for their website.

If you find yourself in this situation and need a great hosting provider that will help you to transition your MobileMe website I HIGHLY suggest that you read this article by WebHostingServices, it gives you a tutorial on how to move your MobileMe website to Bluehost, one of the world’s best web hosting companies and one that we promote throughout our site.

It is really frustrating when a company provides you a service and then comes along and cancels the service leaving you in a bind to find a great solution, I personally recommend Bluehost and will promise you this host will never end your service leaving you looking for a place to move.. The great thing about Bluehost is the only cost $3.95 a month.

After reading the articles above, I suggest taking a look at Bluehost:

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