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HostMetro Review:

We have been reviewing web hosting providers for five years now and we have tested andencountered many different web hosts. When reviewing a hosting provider and providing rankings we look for hosts that are customer centered and offer rates, support, and bonuses that benefit their customers. Although I get a chance to review hundreds of hosting companies very rarely is there a new host that comes out of no-where that blows me away!

In the five years that I have been reviewing hosts maybe one or two times TOTAL have I seen a host and think, “WOW!” this host is offering an amazing deal and is going to blow away theircompetitors! Honestly, when I first encounteredHostMetro I thought just that! Let me outline and review what I feel makes this host the only logic choice when looking for hosting.


Exceptional Pricing: Anytime you get a shared web hosting account for under five bucks you are getting a good deal. The normal standard rate for HostMetro is $2.45 a month (which is AMAZING); however, here lately they have aloud us to give our readers their first six months of hosting for only #1.95/month! All you have to do to take advantage of this special rate is click on one of our HostMetro links!

**LOCKED IN RATES**:Ok folks!! This is where I was blown away. Most shared web hosting providers will offer you a special rate on hosting for the initial purchase; however, when it comes time to renew your hosting (a year or two down the road), they instantly increase your rate to almost $10 a month! Some of us in the marketing world call this “Bait & Switch”… Personally, I am not a fan of this marketing strategy and think it is somewhat dishonest; HOWEVER, 99/100 hosts use this strategy.

I FELL IN LOVE with HostMetro when I researched their site and saw that they did not practice this strategy! When you sign up for hosting with HostMetro youpermanentlylock in the exclusive $2.45/month rate FOREVER!!! Regardless of industry changes, the economy, or anything else, you can sleep at night knowing this company will NEVER raise your rates! Check out the MetroMax Guarantee for Yourself:


Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth:Many hosts limit customers on the amount of bandwidth and disk space they can use once they sign up for a hosting account! The host will then charge users with crazy overages fees and leaves customers feeling nervous each month about what their hosting fees will look like. With HostMetro you won’t have to worry about this! HostMetro provides their users with unlimited disk space and bandwidth so you will never have to worry about getting charged for overages again!

Customer Service:Any time you purchase a product you can expect that at one time or another you are going to need help or support. Although HostMetro advertises and guarantees 99.9% server uptime they still have an amazing customer support service that can quickly help you through any issue that you may face. HostMetro customer service is available 24/7!


Final Analysis:

In my professional opinion HostMetro now offers customers one of, if not the top, shared web hosting package available! In all aspects of the hosting (including freebies) HostMetro EXCEEDS or matches all other shared web hosting providers on the web! What really sets them apart from other hosts and why I HIGHLY recommend you sign up for hosting with them is because of their guarantee to LOCK in your hosting rate! Other hosts do no offer this and this can save you TONS in the future!


written by mangoorange

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