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Mar 29

As you may or may not know, MangoOrange is known for being the home of the most downloaded FREE Mac WordPress Theme.   I just received an interesting email earlier that asked the following question, “Is there Mac web hosting or Apple web hosting?”. At first glance I found this very interesting because some web hosting providers are compatible with a Mac (Apple) and some are not.  I do not know of the top of my head any hosting on a Mac server, maybe thats a new business I should start huh?

There are many great Mac web hosting sites that offer apple compatible hosting services.   What I decided to do to find the most MAC friendly web hosting provider was to jump on a new Mac Book and test the 10 most popular web hosting providers.  My findings were very interesting and I was able to find three web hosting providers that were very user-friendly for those uses who use mac.   So lets look at the top 3 Mac web hosting providers….Drum Role Please :)

Top 3 Mac Web Hosting :

#1 - Bluehost

#2 - HostMonster

#3 - FatCow

*As always (due to our unique relationship with AlreadyHosting) we are able to offer you exclusive promotional pricing on hosting if you click on our links above.  These three web hosting providers work great on Mac computers.

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