Jun 24

If you are looking for dedicated web hosting or any type of web hosting in general, I would highly suggest that you look at Burst !  Recently I acquired 110mb, one of the web's largest free web hosting providers.  110mb is a HUGE site, we have over a million visitors per day that hit our servers, with that being said we must have reliable servers.   Over the past few weeks I have closely been monitoring all 12 of our servers and have seen many servers go down; however, we have 3 servers that have not gone down the entire time that we have owned the site, and these three servers are hosted with BURSTNET .

This company offers VERY affordable dedicated hosting plans and I would feel comfortable referring anyone to this hosting provider.  I just wanted to write a short note to tell you how much I have appreciated this dedicated web hosting provider.  Be sure to click our link below to head strait to BurstNET.

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