Jun 08

Buying web hosting and building a website are just the first few steps of starting a successful online business; in fact, many people over look the fact that you need to market your website once you build it.   One of the best ways to market your website & increase conversions on your newly built website is add video's to your website.  Google has mentioned before that it love's interactive websites that are helpful to those who visit the site and many believe that adding videos to your site can also help increase Google rankings.

To show you what I mean, today we will have a "mini case-study" and we will look at three different guitar websites, two that have videos on their site and one that does not.

First, I want to focus on a website that gives guitar lessons for beginners.  This is a good example of using a video to sell a product. Halfway down the website you can see a video that discusses a product that teaches how to be a guitarist.  There are many sites that offer products; however, simply adding a video (like this site did) can drastically increase conversions.

An even better example of using a video on a website would be this site that I found about blues guitar lessons .  This website has a very clean website design with a nice video on the top fold of the site.   NOTICE, this video is not too long, but very affective... I am confident that this video drastically increases conversions for the Blues site.

Now after looking at the good, we must look at the ugly... Take a look at Guitarlessons, this site not only has a terrible website design (in my opinion) but will likely never convert on a sale.

Simply adding a video on your website will not only improve your users overall experience but it will also help your conversions.   So, if you have already bought web hosting, I would suggest designing your page in a way that incorporates a video.   If you have not already purchased web hosting, you can do so at AlreadyHosting.

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