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Nov 22

Sometimes purchasing web hosting can be confusing because you will see the same web hosting provider advertising different RATES all over the web.  Hostmonster for example, which is ranked as the #1 web hosting provider on the web by AlreadyHosting ( read Hostmonster Review ) has a few different price points.  In this article I have outlined a few of those price points and explain where you can find these special Hostmonster promo rates:

Hostmonster $2.95 Promo Link: This link does not exists... Sometimes users search for this rate hoping to find the best deal; however, the best rate is $3.95 a month.
Hostmonster $2.99 Promo Link:
Once again, although users search for this rate this promo is not offered by Hostmonster anywhere on the web.
Hostmonster $3.50 Promo Link:
Does not offer this rate
Hostmonster $3.95 Promo Link:
This is the old promo pricing offered by Hostmonster; however, it is not longer available.  $4.50 is the best rate out there!
Hostmonster $4.50 Promo Link:
This is currently the BEST POSSIBLE rate that you can get for Hostmonster.  Click here to activate this special promo rate!
Hostmonster $4.95 Promo Link: You may see some users advertising a 4.95 rate; however, this is not the best rate.. These 2nd tier affiliates can offer hosting at a discounted rate, just not at the biggest discount.
Hostmonster $5.95 Promo Link: This is really not much of a discount... Every now and then you will see a 5.95 promo; however, you should pass it up and go for the $3.95 promo rate mentioned above.
Hostmonster $6.95: This is the normal advertised rate by Hostmonster.

If you want to enable the ABSOLUTE Lowest price on Hostmonster web hosting be sure to click the link below:


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Mar 27

Hostmonster is considered to be among the best web hosting providers on the web and was named the top web hosting company by AlreadyHosting.

We would like to remind you guys that we have a unique partnership with Hostmonster that will allow you to get professional web hosting for only $3.95 a month.  Hostmonster will give you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, a free domain name, and much more with the purchase of a hosting package!

To get the special discount simply click on the blue signup today button to the left.  If you would like more information on this host you can check out the AlreadyHosting Hostmonster Review.

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May 15

Many people are searching Google for the special HostMonster $3.95 Promotional Link, now you can get it here!   If you would like to get web hosting at HostMonster at the discounted $3.95 price all you have to do it click on the exclusive link below.. After clicking the link you will have 12 hours to purcahse hosting at this discounted rate.

HostMonster $3.95 Promo Link - CLICK HERE

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