Jan 10

Just Host

Ok, so the title of this post is a little play on words, I would say there are several good web hosts out there on the web so I am not saying you have to exclusively host with just host; however, if you are looking for a reliable web hosting provider who will give you quality service and support I think you may actually want to consider purchasing you web hosting through Just Host.

When Just Host web hosting was first created it was located overseas and many people expressed concerns that support wasn’t quite up to par… I can now say, THAT HAS ALL CHANGED!!! The masters of web hosting Endurance Group International (the biggest network of web hosting sites in the world) recently acquired Just Host and have made some drastic changes that now make the company (in my opinion) one of if not the best web hosts in the world.

Let’s look at some of these changes…. First, as you know I believe Bluehost to be one of the better web hosting providers in the world and advertise them throughout this website. I am a fan of Bluehost because they have a top notch support team, reliable servers, and are located in the US. The owners of EGI decided it would be a smart decision (and I agree) to move all support and new hosting accounts that sign up with JUST HOST to the Bluehost headquarters.

So what did this do? This instantly/over night might Just Host web hosting one of the fastest, most reliable web hosting providers in the world. In fact, the average hold time for a support call is now under 1-minute! That is quite impressive!

Not only is just host a great web hosting provider but they also offer their hosting at a rate that really cannot be beat. Their current rate is only $3.50 a month which is cheaper than Bluehost’s $3.49 and in all reality you are getting the same servers and support as you would if you chose Bluehost. So with that being said, I thinks its fair to say that you should Just Host with Just Host.

written by mangoorange

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