Aug 18

Why should you choose iPage to host your WordPress blog?  It is simple, iPage provides all of the tools for users to quickly get their WordPress site up and running in a matter of minutes!   For only $3.50 a month iPage will provide their valued members with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, a free domain name, anytime money back guarantee, AND an easy to use 1-click WordPress install.

That is right!  No need to worry about setting up databases, no need to worry about FTPing the WordPress files to your server, no need to worry about entering the right information into the config file…. This is now completely automated with ipage!   This great web hosting provider is owned by the Endurance group, which literally is the second largest web hosting organization in the world!   A company does not grow to be successful without offering amazing support, great pricing, and a product that excels in the market. IPage excels in each of these categories and they have also mastered WordPress hosting.

If you are looking to start your WordPress site or blog, I would highly suggest that you sign up with iPage for your WordPress Hosting.  You will not be disappointed!


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