Jul 15

I think iPage is one of those of those web hosts that I don’t talk about near enough; in fact, in my honest opinion iPage is probably one of the best web hosting companies.  I have noticed a trend recently that the number of people signing up for web hosting at ipage has been increasing and I think this is for a few reasons:

iPage traffic has drastically increased.

First, I accredit iPage’s success to their great support.  The web hosting provider is truly ranking at the top when it comes to answering your questions.  You can get support in many different ways: by phone, live chat, ticket, helpdesk, or email by e-mail.  Basically iPage utilizes every type of tech support available to ensure that you get fast and helpful support.

Secondly, I would accredit iPage’s growth to their amazing pricing structure and for all the bonuses they will give you when you sign up.  Check this out, if you use our exclusive iPage $3.50 promo link, you can get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free site-builder tools, free advertising credits, and much more!

And finally I think iPage has been growing in popularity simply be word of mouth, when you offer as much as iPage is offer at such a low price, odds are people (like me) are going to tell others about your service.  Word-of-mouth is always the best promotion and I am happy to spread the word about this great host.

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