Jun 05

110MB Review

If you have not signed up with 110mb, I highly suggest that you do so!  110MB is by far one of the best free web hosting providers on the web.  Yes, it is true, 110mb offers a free web hosting plan; however, I would not suggest getting this package!

110MB offers an AMAZING premium web hosting package that is by far one of the most affordable plans that I have ever personally witnessed.   For only $27.00 you will get premium web hosting for 6 months, or for only $48.00 you can get an entire year of premium web hosting!  Up-t0-date pricing information can always be found on the 110MB Review page at AlreadyHosting.

The free hosting at 110MB gives you "110MB" of space, which in reality is not that much... That is why I would suggest going ahead at the beginning and sign up for the premium plan that will give you 15 GB of space  ( over 125X the space of the free account).  15 GB is more than enough space for most websites and will be great for your site.

Although I would highly suggest that you choose the premium plan, I would first suggest that you take a look at the free compassion chart on 110MB:

Compare the free plan and the premium plan!

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