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SharkSpace Review

We are always looking to review web hosting providers that stand out among the rest and today we have the honor to do so again.  SharkSpace is an amazing web hosting provider that offers a wide selection of hosting plans and we will outline many of them today.

First, before we review any web hosting provider the first thing we do is research to ensure that the host provides 24/7 customer support.  Not only do we want the host to provide technical support around the clock BUT we also want to make sure the support staff is friendly and the hold times are minimum.  From our research we can honestly say that SharkSpace excels in all aspects of customer support.

SharkSpace HammerHead Plan:

The SharkSpace HammerHead plan is by far the most popular plan offered by Sharkspace.  This unique plan offers users 20,000 mb of disk space, 500 gb of bandwidth, unlimited domain name hosting, unlimited email accounts ALL for only $7.95 a month with a 2-year contract. Sign up for the SharkSpace HammerHead plan now!

SharkSpace Baby Shark Plan:

You can own a professional web hosting account for only $4.95 a month with the SharkSpace Baby Shark plan.  This plan is the most affordable plan offered by SharkSpace and will give you 1000 mb of disk space, 10 gb of bandwidth, and NO SETUP FEE!   If you are wanting to host a very basic and informative website I would highly suggest going with the SharkSpace Baby Shark plan!

SharkSpace Great White Plan:

Business owners this web hosting plan is customized just for you!  For only $15.95 a month you can ensure that your website will always remain online (without interruptions) .  The SharkSpace Great White plan will give you ample amounts of server resources including:  100,000 mb of disk space, 1 TB (Terra Byte) of bandwidth, unlimited domain name hosting, unlimited email accounts, and NO SETUP FEE!  Sign up now for a SharkSpace Great White Plan!

SharkSpace Reseller Plans

SharkSpace also offers plans focused towards those looking to make money by reselling web hosting.  Shark Space offers four different Reseller plans that start at only $17.95 a month and goes all the way to $95.95  a month!  The SharkSpace reseller plans are:  SharkSpace Artic, SharkSpace Indian, SharkSpace Atlantic, and SharkSpace Pacific.  You can learn more about each of these plans by visiting SharkSpace.

SharkSpace VPS Plans

If you are looking for a more stable server and have a slightly higher budget I would highly suggest that you check out the SharkSpace VPS hosting plans.  These plans are simply amazing because the prices start at only $42.95 a month!  If you are specifically looking for a VPS hosting account I would suggest that you choose one of these plans: SharkSpace BlueShark, SharkSpace TigerShark, or the SharkSpace Whale Shark vps plan.

Final Thoughts:

SharkSpace is a WORLD CLASS web hosting provider who will always give you the attention you deserve.  If you are looking to invest in a great web hosting provider I would highly suggest Shark Space who are simply amazing.  Should you still want to learn more about SharkSpace you can read the SharkSpace review by AlreadyHosting.

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