Mar 23

A lot of people enjoyed my random post yesterday pertaining to USB drives.  After hearing a lot of positive feedback I have decided to write a daily “random” post that outlines a unique product or service.


For years Karaoke has been a fun activity to enjoy with families, friends, or even at business outings.  All across the world, each day, people enjoy the entertainment that comes along with Karaoke.   The major problem that most face when it comes to this great pastime is actually finding Karaoke music.   Some of you may understand what I am talking about but I would really quickly like to go into further detail.  Karaoke requires that the “voices” be removed from music (leaving only the instruments).  However, finding these instrumental versions can be very challenging and pricey.


I was scanning the web when I came across a solution to everyone’s problem.  Make-Your-Own-Karaoke has developed new karaoke software that allows you to remove the voices from music that you already own.


This easy to use karaoke software allows you to take music from CDs, Itunes, or MP3s and easily remove the voices. I know a lot of our readers are MAC fans, great news for you, this amazing software works on PCs or MACs.


With this new software you will no longer have pay big bucks for instrumental music; instead you can make your own.  If you are in charge of an event and looking for a fun activity, this is your solution.   Make-Your-Own-Karaoke provides an excellent product and it cost less than thirty dollars! 


I hope you enjoyed today’s random product review!  If anyone purchases this software be sure to record your singing and I will try to post in on this thread J

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